Cycle Against Sucide

Cyclists, readers and crew,

Back down earth or maybe Waterford with nothing but dread.  Cas was over and it was a little emotional, I missed it like I guess you miss a friend when they go off to another country for an adventure.

But it hasn’t been so bad, there’s been lots of work to do mainly editing,about which I’ve had to be somewhat  ruthless. I hope you understand that to process 10,000 photographs would normally take, depending on how much attention a picture needed a year. Some may ask why I wasn’t shooting in jpeg?  It’s to o restrictive,  jepgs don’t take to manipulation very well and I’m not a fan of the file compression that happens with color within the picture, I don’t like that.  Retaining a good standard of how they should look  is one of my main priorities and making sure pictures are flattering and not misinterpreting. So please bear with me.

On Sunday, we all heard the very sad news that Donal Walsh had passed away,  he’s left a legacy of a concise argument as to why suicide is never an option. He was a talented young man, who will be for ever be remembered for fighting two causes at once. I would take the opportunity to offer my condolences to his Mother, Father and Friends.

So as usual keep an eye out on Cycle Against Suicides Facebooks page or their twitter or my twitter

Take care and stay safe.

Thanks for your penitence


Couple of pics below to keep you interested :)!
On there way to in Limerick IT

Leaving Galway, Thanks for re routing traffic for me.

These two travelled the hole cycle on a tandom.

Leaving Sligo



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